It´s a great responsibílity both breeding and owning a dog.

We think that if we all do our best we can give our great buddys a great life. For us as breeders, a long, healthy and happy life for our puppys and puppybuyers is the best reward.

If our breed dogs does well in hunting, competition and dogshows it becomes an extra reward for us and we are sure that a working dog is a happy dog. 

We love to work with our dogs and during the years we have worked with them in several different ways as obedience, tracking, search for humans, search for explosives and retrieving. As the Flatcoated retriever still is what we call Dual purpose, we have also been participating in dog shows.

Today we focus on picking up and different hunting and working tests but we love to see our breed puppies in work, regardless if it´s competing in working test, obedience, agility or whatever fits you and your dog.